Things to do in Lahore

Lahore is considered as the Heart of Pakistan. Few people address Lahore as the cultural capital. This city also enriched with great history. The culture of Lahore is a great blend of festivals, lifestyles, music, literature, cuisine and its people. So if you are in a plan to visit Lahore any soon you will not spend time idle anyways.

Firstly, enjoy the essence of architecture in Lahore. The architecture in Lahore is an excellent blend of Islamic, Sikh, Hindu, Jain, and Indo-Gothic architecture. While talking about the Lahore Architecture, I should mention some of the thirteen gates like Kashmiri gate, Lahori Gate, Shah Burj Gate etc. Don’t forget to watch the mosques here too.

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While being in Lahore, don’t forget to be a part of Basant festival. In fact, this is the biggest festival in Lahore. This is celebrated during the springs, and mainly a Punjabi festival. Kite flying competition is a major attraction during this festival.

Visiting Mela Chiranghan festival is a must if you love to read and write poems. Actually, this is a three day festival that marks the death anniversary of Punjabi Sufi poet Shah Hussain. This festival held once in a year for three continuous days. This festival takes place near the Shalimar gardens in Lahore.

things to do in lahore

Visiting Lahore will be incomplete if you don’t taste the local cuisines at Lahore. The most popular cuisine in Lahore is Gosht Kadai. This is either mutton or chicken preparation that cooked with spicy gravy (tomato-based) in a concave shaped cooking Vessel. You can also try Dal Gosht, Seek kabab, Shawarma, Haleem, Halwa Poori also.

So visit Lahore during your next vacation and enjoy every bit of the city.

Top 5 tourist attractions in Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore is a prime city in Pakistan. In fact, it is considered as one of the top tourist attractions in whole Pakistan. Here is this article I will mention the top five tourist attractions in Lahore.

Lahore Zoo is considered as one of the most favorite tourist attractions in whole Lahore. It was established way back in 1872. According to the history, it is third or fourth oldest zoo in whole world most probably. In fact it is one of the largest in South Asia. Wildlife and parks department manage Lahore Zoo currently. You can observe about 136 species and 1380 animals in this zoo. The most popular zones in this zoo are fancy aviary, tiger house, elephant house, giraffe house, deer house, monkey house, crocodile ponds and the snake house.

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Jilani Park is another popular tourist attraction in Lahore. Formerly, it was known as Race Course Park. It is situated near the Services Hospital. It is famous for the artificial waterfall and the floral exhibition. Now, if you can visit the park in a particular time of the year, you can observe the annual horse racing competitions too.

The next thing that you should visit in Lahore is the Shalimar Gardens, built by Shah Jahan. This garden is well popular for its floral beauty and vegetation.

Lahore attractions

You should visit the Wazir Khan Mosque while visiting Lahore. It was built around 1635AD – During the reign of Shah Jahan. It is considered as one of the finest example of Qashani architecture.

Last but not the least; you shouldn’t forget to visit the Indo-Pak border at the place called Wagah. The border is on GT Road and splits Lahore and Amritsar.

Honeymoon Packages from Lahore


Lahore is becoming a hot favorite tourist attraction is south Asia in these days. As the number of tourists in Lahore is increasing day by day, the hotels and travel agencies are announcing some attractive tour packages. Now in that context, various agencies are offering special honeymoon packages for the newlywed couples.

For majority of cases travel agencies and the hotels offer these packages as a unit. You can visit a travel agent in your town and ask him to provide a honeymoon package. Now depending on your budget, the travel agent will provide you hotels and services.


You can also opt for a honeymoon package directly from hotels in Lahore. Almost all the good hotels in Lahore have honeymoon suits available of different classes. Depending on your budget and the availability in of suit in the hotel you can book one. Before booking, you can check the pictures of the suit on the official portal of the hotel too. You can make the online booking directly through the official portal of the hotel. You can pay via credit card or debit card. Another option for payment is the online cash transfer.

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You can ask the hotel to provide a tour guide and the transport to roam around the city as well. Lahore is a historically enriched city. So you should cherish the beauty of the city also with your sweetheart during the most glorious days of your life. Don’t be surprised if you receive a sudden gift from the hotel authority! You people obviously deserve an excellent gift from the hotel authority during your D-days.

So if you are attending a marriage ceremony any soon, surprise the couple by giving them a honeymoon package pass at Lahore.

Gawalmandi Food Street, Lahore


People from the subcontinent are natural food lovers. Talking about the foods, the Lahori cuisine surely excels in that matter. Lahore is a city that has a very rich food culture. If you visit Lahore, you will be amazed to see a vast variety of foods all over the city. When a 5-star restaurant can satisfy your taste buds efficiently, the street foods are equally amazing in Lahore too. From spicy to the foods of mild taste – you will find everything in Lahore. Now, while we are talking about Pakistani food we should mention about the Gawalmandi Food Street at Lahore.


Gawalmandi Food Street is the centre of conventional Pakistani food. The place, Gawalmandi is surrounded by very old places and buildings like Mayo Hospital, Landa Bazar and Baansan-Wala Bazaar. You will find nothing until the sun sets – till then it is busy street where lots of motorized vehicles pass. But after the sun sets at evening, the foodies start coming at the Food Street to satisfy their taste buds with delicious cuisines of Lahore. In fact you can find crowd gathering in front of the vendors till late night. It is open all over the day. But as I mentioned the main gathering starts after the evening. During the Ramadan, you will not be served food during the day time. The best thing about these shops is that you can order for foods from any of the shops, sitting at one particular place.

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Some of the most popular dishes in Gawalmandi Food Street are: biriyani, chicken kadai, taka tuk, hareesa, fried fish, qaqah, halwa poori, kheer, murgh chanay, haleem, dahi bhalley, kashmiri subz chai, neehari etc.

Avari Hotel Lahore

The city Lahore in Pakistan stands with essence and legends of the Mughal Era. Hence people from all over the world visit Lahore to witness that history around the year. So there are numerous hotels in Lahore to accommodate the tourists all over the world. But, Avari Hotel is certainly one the best.

Avari Group has hotels in Dubai and Rawalpindi too. Their Hotel in Lahore is one of the favorites among the tourists. Let me tell you the tariffs for booking the rooms at Avari Hotel first. A Single Deluxe room will cost you $153. Again, the cost for Deluxe Double Room will be $172. The cost for Executive Club Single room and double room are $193 and $215 respectively. Business Single room and double room will cost you $168 and $185 respectively. You can also book the executive suit against $315 only.

avari hotel

Now let me tell you the procedures of booking in that hotel. The best way to book rooms in that hotel from my point of view is online. Just go to their official portal and check if the category of room you want is available or not. If it is available you can book through the portal and pay via your credit or debit card. You can pay via online cash transfer also.

Avari hotel

The hotel authority will provide you the tour assistance over the city and nearby places if you want. They can arrange the transport for you if necessary. You can ask the hotel for the pickup and drop service from and to the airport too. Amenities like satellite TV, geyser, 24-hour running water, ISD enabled telephones, fridge etc. are available in every room. So book your room in Avari hotel now if you are visiting Lahore soon.

Tobago Natural Attractions Worth a Visit

Trinidad & Tobago is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream, with spectacular rain forest, exotic wildlife and stunning sea views and waterfalls.

The Argyle Waterfalls are one of Tobago’s best known attractions. The picturesque falls are surrounded by jungle, yet easy to access by car for a quick excursion. There is a small admission fee but this includes a guide to the waterfalls. The falls start with a small cascade at the bottom of the hill and the higher you go, the more picturesque and peaceful they become – surrounded by tropical wildlife and lush vegetation. Below each individual waterfall is a pool where you can take a refreshing dip.


While you are in Tobago you should take advantage of a guided tour of the rainforest   it includes one of the oldest protected forests in the world. The reason it has remained untouched for so long is its lofty position on top of the peaks of volcanoes, up to around 2000ft in places. You can take a tour by day and admire the fabulous coloured plumage of the exotic birds or try a night safari to see and hear the amazing sounds of rare tropical insects, bats and lizards. This also makes Tobago a top destination for cruise holidays, due to the time restrictions at every shore stop, and if you’re planning this yourself be sure to use online services to compare cruise prices.

There are also many opportunities for birdwatching, including in the grounds of the Arnos Vale Hotel where you can enjoy afternoon tea while you watch the birds being fed all around you. There is also the Grafton Caledonia Bird Sanctuary with a variety of trails and hikes to follow   the birds here are relatively unafraid of people and you can feed them from your hand! Or why not visit the island of Little Tobago with its huge 450 acre bird sanctuary with some of the rarest birds in the world? You can get there on a glass bottomed boat and see the wonders of the reef as you pass overhead.


One of Tobago’s historical gems is Fort King George, built in 1779 by the English army. Not far from here is the Tobago Museum with barracks, cannons and prison cells to explore, plus beautiful coastal views to enjoy. The Scarborough Botanical Gardens are also over 100 years old and packed full of exotic specimens from all round the world.

Tobago is a dream destination for keen divers, with many species of colourful fish and coral. It is a protected environment so visitors are asked not to touch or remove anything from the water.

Most hotels will offer trips by boat to Buccoo Reef, where the water is very shallow yet full of spectacular sea gardens. You can take a glass bottomed boat journey to the reef or even make the trip yourself by kayak.


Trinidad is only a short flight away and is also packed with wildlife and natural wonders such as the Gasparee Cave where you can actually swim in the crystal clear water inside the cave itself. There is also the Asa Wright Nature Centre where you can observe the spectacle of hundreds of Scarlet Ibises descending from the skies at dusk.